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“So this might sound cheesy but it actually does seem with Northern, the people that we deal with have an actual interest and care in our business. They actually seem interested in what we’re doing, and whether or not we succeed. Whereas, when we deal with other banks, you really do feel like just a number. We don’t feel like a number with Northern. We feel like Northern’s people.”

— Josh Jansen, Co-owner of Broers Jansen & The Wine Barrel

“I would definitely recommend northern credit union for anyone involved in a project like this.”

— Kevin McKague

"They call me by my first name as soon as I walk in. "Hello Martine, how are you." It's the feeling of a community, the feeling of a family, a feeling of belonging somewhere."

— Martine

“To me it makes all the difference in the world to have community members, who know me, know my financial needs.”

— Liz Harvey-Foulds

"I enjoy banking locally, and I also appreciate how Northern Credit Union supports local small businesses and organizations."

— Shaun

The Northern difference

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Stories from our members.

We reached out to so some of our members to share their stories and experiences with Northern Credit Union. We were so thrilled with some of the responses that we had to share them with you.

“There was always someone I could contact. I could always get answers in a timely manner, like within a day, which was not the case with most of our other bank dealings.”

— Josh Jansen, Co-owner of Broers Jansen & The Wine Barrel

Whether you have questions, need a hand or want to join up, we’re here for you.