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Annual general meeting & voting

As a member of Northern Credit Union, you have a say in how we grow as a business and what we do with your money. Your voice helps us to keep our roots local and make genuine change to the people and communities we serve.

Northern is a cooperative business, and we live by the 7 Cooperative Principles to help us put our values into practice. One of the most important principles is Democratic Member Control, which means that our members actively participate in making decisions for our organization.

Practicing Democratic Member Control starts with our policy of One Member, One Vote. Every member has a right to vote for our Board of Directors and by-law amendments. This ensures that our Board accurately represents the people who live in our communities, and who understand what the communities need to thrive. Much like voting in a political election, our members vote on the people they trust to make the right decisions for our credit union.

You’re more than a member. You’re an owner with a voice. That’s the credit union difference.

You’re an owner

Your $25.00 membership investment means you have an ownership stake in Northern Credit Union. That means you have a say in how we do business.

Your voice matters

You have the right to vote for our Board of Directors, which gives you a voice in the future of our credit union.

Keep it local

Your role, as an owner, helps to keep decisions local and based on local realities. We are committed to keeping your money local – investing in the same local businesses, programs and people that matter to you.

That’s the difference

Unlike the big banks, our shareholders are our members. We don’t need to choose between making our members or our shareholders happy, because they are the same. That’s the Cooperative advantage.

2023 annual general meeting

As an owner of our business, you deserve to hear about the progress we made in 2022 and the goals we have set for the future. The AGM is a valuable time to hear from the CEO and Board of Directors about the successes and direction of Northern. Each of you made an impact to this organization in 2022, so let’s celebrate together!


Frequently asked questions

What does one member one vote mean?

Members are actually owners of Northern Credit Union. All members have an equal say in how the credit union operates by voting in directors to Northern’s Board of Directors and on any proposed by-law amendments. It does not matter how much, or how little, they have in their account. This is what makes a credit union different from a bank or other financial institution. Every member, over the age of 18, with a fully funded share account of $25 is entitled to have a greater say in the future of the credit union. Northern Credit Union conducts this voting electronically in advance of the Annual General Meeting. The results are announced at this meeting.

Why would a member want to vote?

This is what makes a credit union different. At Northern, we are not controlled by a small group of shareholders that make decisions in the interests of a few. At Northern, we make decisions in the best interests of all our members and what a better way to do that, but to let our members have their say!

How do members vote?

Members can vote online through this page. Here, members can get all the information about what they'll be voting on in the election. Once they have carefully read the information, they can click the voting link to have their voice heard and cast their vote electronically.

Who is eligible to vote?

  • All Northern members, in good standing, over the age of 18

  • Members must have a fully funded, $25.00 member share

  • A business, corporation or partnership, is required to appoint an individual to vote on their behalf.

  • If the appointed proxy is also a Member (personal member), they may vote on their own behalf as well as for the business, corporation or partnership they represent.

  • Additional eligibility requirements may apply based on membership types.

Can a member have more than one vote?

Yes, a member can vote as a personal member and as a proxy for a business.

Please note: A sole-proprietor is not considered a separate legal entity from a personal member. Therefore, if the member is a personal member and runs a business, as a sole proprietor, they are only legally entitled to one vote.

Do commercial members have different voting rules?

No. Commercial members are still only entitled to one vote.

Incorporated commercial accounts are required to appoint a proxy to vote on behalf of the organization. They can do that by downloading the proxy form located on the website and sending it in to Vicki Caicco prior to March 1st. If the proxy form is not received, the member will not be entitled to vote in this election.

What about sole proprietors, can they vote on behalf of the company and the person?

No. Members are only entitled to one vote. Since the person and the business are considered the same legal entity, they will only be eligible to vote one time.

What if members have other forms of shares like, loyalty shares and class b shares, are they entitled to additional votes?

No matter how much, or little, you have with Northern, every credit union member has equal ownership and the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages of being a TRUE “NORTH” OWNER. Therefore, when voting in the election every member is entitled to one vote.

What if members have joint accounts?

Members, who have joint account holdings are each eligible for one vote. Each member will be required to sign into the voting portal with his or her individual member number and password.

Note: Each member must have a fully funded share account to be eligible to vote.

What do members require to vote?

  • Members can vote by:

    Following the link to the secure voting platform which will be found on this page.
  • In order to access the voting platform, each member will require their member number and their date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Please note – every member has their own unique member number (it is not determined by joint accounts)
  • If they do not know their member number, members can refer to their bank statement, online banking profile, branch or call the True North Hub at 1-866-413-7071 (the member number starts with 7)

What will members be voting on?

By-Law Amendments