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GI-Savings account

All the convenience of a Savings Account, but with rates like a GIC.


The Northern GI-Savings Account combines the flexibility to deposit at any time and take advantage of great rates while your savings grow.


The GI-Savings allows you to withdraw for up to 2 weeks every 90 days.


For every 90 day period that your savings are invested, the Northern GI-Savings Account pays a special rate that is updated every quarter.

Applications are now closed.

The GI-Savings accounts can only be opened the first two weeks of every quarter.
Book your appointment or call the True North Hub at 1-866-413-7071 and start saving!
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Account details

Key features

  • No minimum balance
  • Make deposits anytime
  • Access funds quarterly
  • Special rate updates quarterly
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly

Monthly fee



  • 1 Free In-Branch or Self-Serve Transactions ($5.00 for each additional transaction)
  • Open to withdraw funds beginning on the first business day for 14 days of each quarter

Miscellaneous service fees apply

Current rate

GI-Savings account


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Our savings accounts offer great rates and you have access to your funds at any time.

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