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Business banking advice you can trust.

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Book an appointment online.

You can now book and track all of your financial appointments at the click of a button with our easy-to-navigate online portal.

Local financial experts.

​You don’t have to waste time explaining how your business operates to us. We already know, because we live and breathe Northern business. 

Genuine, tailored advice.

​We won’t just give you what you think you need. We’ll make sure it’s the right solution for you, explaining your options so you can make clear, informed decisions.   

Proactive forward planning.

​You won’t ever repeat yourself with us. We listen when you speak and use that knowledge to set you up for each new stage of growth. 

Direct access to support.

​At Northern, you won’t have to wait in call center queues when you need help. You’ll have access to your account manager’s direct phone line. 

​A partner you can depend on.

​You’ll never have to chase us for support. Our experts do what they say they will and keep in touch to ensure you have everything you need. 

​Proud to promote you.

​We do more than provide you with financial services, promoting your business to our members and using your services ourselves.


Business advice that comes to you.

​You put the busy in business owner. We get that, which is why we won’t ask you to spend precious time visiting us. We’ll come to you to offer support, discuss your needs and help you plan for the future. 

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Your banking,
​your way.

​Mobile app

4,500+ ATMs

Telephone banking

Construction mortage

3-year closed


Prime rate


Northern growth savings

Commercial savings account


Small business rocks line of credit.

We know for a business to truly rock, it takes time and money. That’s where the Small Business Rocks Line of Credit comes in handy. It’s got a leading rate to help you save, plus you can get it online in minutes.

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Accounts grounded in the north.

Get to know our local business experts.

Our team has the know-how and experience to help you build your business from the ground up.