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Fast, local approval.

Don’t waste time waiting for approvals. We make all our lending decisions locally so you get your loan fast. 


Tailored fit.

Your needs aren’t the same as other people’s. We get that, which is why we tailor our loan solutions to fit you.


Personal approach.

You’re not just a number to us. We’ll look at all factors in your application and go further to get you the support you need.


Expert advice.

Our advisors have the in-depth expertise and Northern know-how to answer any lending questions you have.


(It only takes 30 minutes!)


Big or small, we have the loan you’re looking for.


Standard personal loan

Designed to meet your everyday needs, our standard personal loans are anything but standard.

Key features

  • Flexible repayment options: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly repayments
  • Pre-pay or pay out your loan without penalties
  • Loans approved quickly in your local branch
  • Secure your loan to obtain better rates

Specialty loans

Your needs don’t always line up with a standard loan. We get that, which is why we have some specialty options up our sleeve just in case.

Demand loan

Need a quick cash injection to get an exciting project off the ground? Look no further than our short-term Demand Loan.

Bridge loan

The financing you need doesn’t always come through fast enough. Bridge the gap and ease your stress with a quick, variable rate loan.

Strike loan

Going on strike? We’re in your corner. Get up to $7,500 to help make ends meet if funds get tight.


Investment loans

Investing in your RRSP is a sure-fire way to ensure a comfortable retirement. But sometimes life happens and you miss a payment. That’s where our investment loans come in, helping you catch up on your contributions.

Short-term investment loans

  • Allows for smaller loan amounts
  • Flexible repayment over a 1-year period
  • No fees or penalties for lump-sum payments

CU TAKE TEN® investment loans

  • Borrow larger amounts at competitive rates
  • Flexible repayment options and terms
  • Top up annual contributions to increase your tax refund

Lending calculator

Try our lending calculator to work out what your payment plan could look like. 

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Northern prime


Lending protection

Life sometimes throws curve balls. Protect yourself from them with loan insurance.

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Kinds of borrowing.

You’ve probably borrowed some sugar or a leaf blower from a neighbor, but financial borrowing is a whole other bucket of syrup.

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Lines of credit.

You don’t have to jump through hoops for our lending solutions. We adapt them to suit your needs.

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Find the credit card for you.

Get the rewards you want and the points you deserve with our wide variety of credit card options.

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5 ways to remain debt free.

You’ve worked hard to get out of the red and move into the black. Now you’ve got to keep focused and make sure you stay there.

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