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Northern Credit Union is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of our member's personal and private information by faithfully adhering to the Credit Union Code for the Protection of Personal Information. The code was created in co-operation with provincial and national credit union organizations and recognizes your right to control your personal information.

Safekeeping your personal information is very important to us. We have procedures in place to prevent unauthorized access, use or manipulation of your personal information. All Northern Credit Union employees agree to a confidentiality agreement and our computer systems have sophisticated electronic security measures such as passwords and encryption. Simply put, we restrict access to only those Northern Credit Union employees who need to know your personal information and we uphold the confidentiality of our relationship.

We collect only the personal information we need to know:

  • To understand your needs and to develop and manage services and products meeting those needs;
  • To determine what products and services are best for you;
  • To evaluate credit standing and exchange information with credit reporting agencies;
  • To detect and prevent fraud and safeguard the financial interests of both yourself and Northern Credit Union;
  • To meet our legal and regulatory requirements.

To provide the services and products you want, we collect information from you and the product and service agreements you've made with us. To maintain the integrity of the credit reporting system, we may share this information with the credit bureau and other financial institutions. With your permission we may also obtain information from the references you give us. We may share your personal information with our business partners such as our cheque printers. Under no circumstances do we ever sell your information to any other business.

Ten principles of privacy.

1. Accountability

We are accountable. We take full responsibility for protecting the personal information you entrust to with. We have a designated Privacy Officer to ensure Northern Credit Union's compliance with all our principles of privacy.

2. Identified purpose

We will tell you why we need the information we ask you for. Before, or at the time we ask you for your personal information, we will tell you why Northern Credit Union needs the information.

3. Consent

We will act only with your consent. You'll know what information we need to collect before, or at the time, we need to collect the information.

4. Limited collection

We will only collect the information we need. The information we ask for will be limited to the purposes identified by us.

5. Limited use, disclosure and retention

Your personal information will not be used or disclosed for any purpose other than what we said we need it for, or as required by law. We'll retain your information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of these purposes.

6. Accuracy

We will ensure your information is up-to-date, accurate and complete.

7. Safeguards

We will protect your information with all the security safeguards needed, respecting the sensitivity of the information you've entrusted to with.

8. Openness

We will make specific, understandable information readily available to you about our policies concerning the privacy of your information.

9. Member access

When you request it, we will show you all the information we have about you and we'll tell you how we've used it. You can question the accuracy and completeness of the information and ask us to amend it if appropriate.

10. Managing member suggestions and complaints

You can address any concern or ask any question about our Ten Principles of Privacy and Northern Credit Union's compliance, by contacting our Privacy Officer at, 1-800-461-2238. Northern Credit Union Limited, Box 2200, 280 McNabb Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, P6B 1Y6


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Northern is committed to ensuring our online services are accessible to as many users as possible.
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We take many precautions to protect the online banking environment and ensure your information is safe.
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