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Everything you need to know about renewing and refinancing.

Whether you’re looking to renew your mortgage or refinance to access equity or lock in at a lower rate, we have all the information, tools and resources you need to make it happen. If you have any questions along the way, just reach out to a Northern Mortgage Expert.


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Step 1: ready to renew or refinance?


Can refinancing save me money?

Why should you learn about refinancing your mortgage? That’s simple: because it can potentially save you money, reduce your monthly payments and increase the rate you build equity. Did that get your attention? Great! Because today, we’re going to teach you all about it. You’ll learn what refinancing is, reasons you might want to do it and figure out if it’s worth it for you. Let’s get started!


To refinance, or not to refinance?

That is the question! Refinancing your mortgage can save you money in the right situation. Find out if it’s right for you with a little help from our Northern Financial Survival Guide.


What to do when it’s time to renew?

Here’s everything you need to know to renew your mortgage at a great rate with Northern:


Save up to $1,250 when you switch.

Move your mortgage to Northern and we’ll cover up to $1,250 of your transfer fees.

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Calculate your new payments.

Use our handy mortgage calculators to figure out how much you can save by refinancing or renewing.

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Mortgage rates

We’ve got a mortgage for you! Explore our selection of competitive mortgage rates and flexible options.

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Step 2: choosing a new mortgage.

Once you’ve decided to renew or refinance, find the mortgage that fits your unique needs. From a refresher on mortgage terminology and features, to a primer on interest rates and helpful tips to consider as you finalize the deal, explore our homebuying resources below.



Mortgage refresher.

Feeling a little rusty when it comes to mortgages? If it’s been a while since you’ve been through the homebuying process, you’ll find a refresher of mortgage terminology and features below:


Choosing your mortgage.

Class is in session and today we're tackling mortgages! Learn everything you need to know about buying a home-from rates and down payments, to open vs. closed mortgages and everything in between.


Interest rates 101.

If you’re struggling to understanding interest rates and how they apply to your mortgage, we’ve got you covered. Just take a read though the information below for a quick primer. And if you have any further questions, we’re standing by to answer them. Just drop by your local branch or give us a call at the True North Hub at 1-866-413-7071.


Finalizing the deal.

The day you purchase your home is very exciting and there’s a lot happening in a short period of time. Here are some of the things that you’ll be taking care of as you close the deal.


Fixed vs variable rates.

Hunting for a mortgage? Our Northern Financial Survival Guide takes aim at the biggest question that all first-time buyers will ask themselves: should I go with a fixed or variable rate?


Open vs. closed mortgages.

Choosing the right type of mortgage can be a lot like choosing the right fishing lure. Find out how in our latest financial survival guide explaining the difference between open vs. closed mortgages.


Types of mortgages.

Planning renos? Building your home? Self-employed? We have all types of mortgages.

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Got homebuying questions?

There’s a lot that goes into buying a new home. Luckily, our Northern Mortgage Experts are here to help you every step of the way.

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