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    Supporting communities, empowering students through local literature.

    We’ve partnered with local authors to feature and sell their books in branches across our footprint.


    of proceeds from all book sales are donated to local area high schools.


    of proceeds from all book sales are used to purchase books from future featured authors.

    Current featured author.

    Brenda Missen, opens in a new tab

    Brenda Missen is a freelance writer and editor, active outdoors person, and author of the memoir Tumblehome: One Woman’s Canoeing Adventures in the Divine Near Wilderness (Inanna Publications, 2022) and the literary thriller Tell Anna She’s Safe (Inanna, 2011). Her personal essays, many chronicling her experiences in the natural world, have been published in outdoor magazines and her local newspaper. Residing on the Madawaska River in eastern Ontario, she lives to canoe, especially in the “divine near wilderness” of Algonquin Provincial Park. She embarked on her first canoe trip in the park in 1988 and her first solo trip a decade later. She is still happily tripping on her own – and chronicling her adventures – into her sixties.


    Current featured book.

    Tumblehome: One Woman’s Canoeing Adventures in the Divine Near Wilderness

    In the wake of a broken engagement to her One True Paddling Partner, Ontario writer Brenda Missen ventures into Algonquin Provincial Park on a series of solo canoe trips that blow all her perceptions of romance, relationships, and her own self (gently) out of the water. Each encounter with weather, wildlife, and other trippers brings her to a place of growing acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion, for herself and others. And each venture into the park interior surprises her with an ever-deepening experience of the divine nature of the Earth and all of creation (even bears). Part travel adventure, part spiritual memoir, and great part ode to the Earth, Tumblehome is a timely and important exploration of our intrinsic connection with the natural world.

    Skating Wild on an Inland Sea

    By Jean E. Pendziwol

    Listen! Lake Superior sings a winter song…

    Two children wake up when they hear the lake singing, then the wind wailing… or is it a wolf? They bundle up and venture out into the cold, spotting tracks of fox, deer, hare, mink, otter and the wolf! In the bay, the ice is thick and smooth. They lace up their skates, then step onto the surface of the lake.

    In her lyrical style, Jean E. Pendziwol describes the exhilarating experience of skating on the wild ice of Lake Superior, including the haunting singing that occurs as the ice expands and contracts. Accompanied by Todd Stewart’s breathtaking illustrations, incorporating screen-printed elements, this book will make us all long to skate wild!

    Jurzy’s Town Tour

    By Kerr Smith & Michelle Christmann

    Young readers learn about the power of co-operation, sharing, and community building through the adventures of the Co-oppaws - the cutest little creatures who inhabit the wonderful world of Co-operNation. This essential first installment of the book series is a perfect introduction to the hidden city of Co-operNation. Led by our wise & wonderful guide - Jurzy - we meet the rest of the Co-oppaws, and learn all about how things work in this fantastic land founded on equality, kindness, sustainability and co-operation!

    Meesh’s Marvelous Market

    By Kerr Smith & Michelle Christmann

    With its positive, character-building storyline, Dr. Seuss-like rhyming, and colorful illustrations, we warmly recommend this fun read to parents, teachers, and anyone working with children to encourage empathy, teamwork, and problem-solving. Tiny Meesh is growing tired of eating the same food every day and sees that her Co-oppaw friends are feeling the same. She realizes if they all work as a team, they’ll be able to find a solution to their problem…and maybe even create something fantastic for the entire town of Co-operNation!


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