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    Supporting communities, empowering students through local literature.

    We’ve partnered with local authors to feature and sell their books in branches across our footprint.


    of proceeds from all book sales are donated to local area high schools.


    of proceeds from all book sales are used to purchase books from future featured authors.

    Current featured authors.

    Kerr Smith


    Kerr (said like "care), has hair. Lots of it. The funny thing is it only grows out the bottom of his head. But that's ok; Kerr loves things that are a bit different, silly, and strange! Kerr's been doodling little creatures and creating wild stories since he was basically a small, bald, baby human. Kerr also has a passion for education. He's worked as a camp counsellor, elementary teacher, and education manager for a combined 20+ years! Years ago, his adventures in education led him to discover the wonderful world of Co-operatives. Ever since that life-changing moment, Ker's been committed to sharing the incredible stories from this inspiring world - in hopes of helping others to come together in building equitable, sustainable, and democratic communities and businesses.

    Michelle Christmann

    Michelle is known for her big smile, big heart, and when she gets excited about something - it's pretty hard to get her to stop talking about it! Michelle loves to make stuff and she's not afraid to try new things. Whether it's painting, crocheting, or making music on her ukulele, Michelle is always creating something. Michelle has been teaching people about how awesome Co-operatives are for the last 10 years, and she loves to help people come together and find ways to make their schools, workplaces, and communities better for everyone! Michelle has had some amazing jobs like working at a credit union, a museum, and at a Co-operative education center. She loves Co-operatives so much she even works for an organization that helps Co-operative businesses in all kinds of ways and works hard to teach people about the amazing power of co-operation. Michelle has worked with lots of very cool teachers and helped to develop educational programs used in classrooms and summer camps across Ontario.


    Current featured books.

    Jurzy’s Town Tour

    Young readers learn about the power of co-operation, sharing, and community building through the adventures of the Co-oppaws - the cutest little creatures who inhabit the wonderful world of Co-operNation. This essential first installment of the book series is a perfect introduction to the hidden city of Co-operNation. Led by our wise & wonderful guide - Jurzy - we meet the rest of the Co-oppaws, and learn all about how things work in this fantastic land founded on equality, kindness, sustainability and co-operation!

    Meesh’s Marvelous Market

    With its positive, character-building storyline, Dr. Seuss-like rhyming, and colorful illustrations, we warmly recommend this fun read to parents, teachers, and anyone working with children to encourage empathy, teamwork, and problem-solving. Tiny Meesh is growing tired of eating the same food every day and sees that her Co-oppaw friends are feeling the same. She realizes if they all work as a team, they’ll be able to find a solution to their problem…and maybe even create something fantastic for the entire town of Co-operNation!

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    Wawa (Mission Road)

    Sault Ste. Marie (McNabb Street)

    Pembroke (Boundary Road)

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