Lines of Credit

Whether you’re funding a new project, consolidating debt or dealing one of life’s unexpected surprises, our lines of credit give you access to the funds you need, when you need them. The best part? You only pay interest on what you use.


For revolving credit with low rates and no need to re-apply, Northern offers two types of credit lines—secured and unsecured. Both feature flexible payment options, competitive rates and the freedom to make lump-sum payments at any time.

Northernline (Unsecured)

A simple line of credit that doesn’t have to be secured against your property, the Northernline gives you continuous access to money (up to a limit) without having to re-apply for credit. The amount you can borrow is typically lower than Meritline.

Meritline (Secured)

Using your home as security, Meritline allows you to leverage your property value to unlock even more borrowing power. Secured against your property, you’ll get a better rate, too. This makes it ideal for members looking to access larger sums of money at a lower cost.

Please visit your local branch or call 1-866-413-7071 (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm) to talk to a Northern Advisor.

We strongly recommend that you purchase Disability and Life Insurance coverage to protect your family.