A post secondary education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give a child. But all too often, it’s an expense that surprises parents. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead with a Registered Education Savings Plan.

RESP contributions are easy to set up and tax is deferred until it’s withdrawn, typically by your child at a much lower rate. Plus, your child could benefit from federal government contributions if he or she qualifies for an education grant.


  • Your RESP can help fund most Canadian post-secondary programs
  • No tax charged on income earned with your RESP until the funds are withdrawn
  • Beneficiaries 17 or younger receive the Canada Education Savings Grant – equal to 20% of the annual contribution*
  • Additional grants are also available for qualifying beneficiaries

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*To a maximum of $500 per year per beneficiary and $7,200 over the lifetime of the RESP per beneficiary.