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Attention Members

Two-step verification is now mandatory when logging in to online banking and the mobile app.

Introducing two-step verification.

Northern Credit Union is taking steps to make your online banking experience even more secure. Rather than using security questions to verify your identity when logging in, two-step verification (2SV) sends a single-use pass code to your cell phone or email address.

Enrolling for two-step verification (2SV)

1. Login

Log in to Online Banking or the mobile app like you would usually do.

2. Enroll

After logging in, you will be prompted to enable 2-step verification. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your enrolment.

You only need to do this once.

3. Enter code

You will be prompted to enter the code that was sent to your cell phone or email address.

4. Access

After entering your code, you can access your accounts in online banking or the mobile app the same way you always have.

The next time you log in you may be prompted to enter another code.

Frequently asked questions.

What is two-step verification?

Two-step verification is an additional level of security to your online and mobile banking accounts through unique identity verification. It ensures that your accounts can only be accessed by you.

How does two-step verification work?

When you login to online or mobile app banking, two-step verification will send you a unique access code by email or SMS text message. You will use this access code to verify your identity and the device you are using to login. Two-step verification will only be required when logging into online or mobile app banking for the first time on an unverified device. For added security you can opt to use two-step verification every time you login to online or mobile app banking, even on verified devices.

Why is two-step verification so common?

Two-step verification has become a standard security measure to provide improved security for your online accounts. Fraud, identity theft, and cyber-attacks have become more frequent with the rise in technology. Two-step verification is an added layer of security for your online and mobile banking apps to prevent fraudsters from accessing your accounts and personal information, since your unique access code is only sent to your trusted personal devices. Two-step verification provides peace of mind that your bank account and personal information is locked behind an extra level of security.

Will enrolment in Two-Step Verification affect any of my current digital banking configurations or settings?

Yes. Configurations or settings related to authenticated logins, such as enabling Touch ID and QuickView on the mobile app and enabling memorized accounts (the "Remember Me” option selected during a login) in online banking, must all be reconfigured after enrolment in two-step verification. 

How long before a verification code notification expires and is no longer valid?

The verification code is valid for 10 minutes from the time it is generated.  If you enter and submit an expired code after that time, you will receive an error message.

Will I still be required to keep security questions in place on my banking profile?

No. After enrolment in two-step verification, challenge questions and answers are no longer relevant to member authentication.

Can I register for Two-Step Verification via both SMS text and email?

Yes. During your initial enrolment, you can register only one of either a mobile phone number or an email address to receive two-step verification notifications.  However, after enrolment, you can update your contact information from the Profiles and Preferences screen options to add the second notification channel.

Will I be prompted to use Two-Step Verification every time I login?

No. You may not be prompted to enter a code each time you login.

How many attempts do I get to verify a verification code?

The maximum attempts to validate a verification code is three. This limit does not apply during member two-step verification enrolment or during updates to you two-step verification settings; it only occurs during regular logins.

If my account is locked out while trying to provide the correct verification code, how can I get it unlocked?

Contact the True North Hub (1-866-413-7071) or visit us in-branch to have your account unlocked.

What if I lose my phone or access to my email after setting up two-step verification?

Contact the True North Hub (1-866-413-7071) or visit us in-branch to have your account unlocked.

What should I do if I do not receive the SMS text message or email with the verification code?

After waiting a reasonable amount of time for the notification to arrive, you can try re-sending the code using the ‘send new code’ option on the Enter Your Verification Code screen.


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