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Investment shares


Enter an exclusive club, by owning investments that only other members benefit from.


Share in your credit union’s success with a strong investment return.


Invest directly into Northern’s growth, helping us develop innovative products for you.


Contribute to our community efforts as we put your investment to work locally.


Own a bigger piece of the northern pie.


Class B investment shares

Earn a premium rate of return targeted to outperform traditional term deposits when you invest in Northern’s growth.

Class B Investment Shares are an exclusive equity investment for our members, with a consistent history of competitive dividend returns. Backed by the credit union’s financial stability, they provide a secure, low-risk investment option for members who:

  • Are looking to diversify their investment portfolios
  • Have a long-term investment horizon
  • Want their investments to make a local impact
  • Are looking for a safe investment that is not impacted by market volatility
  • Are not concerned with having access to the funds for day-to-day expenses

To apply, visit your local branch or call 1-866-413-7071.

Northern loyalty shares

Take your Northern loyalty to the next level. When you invest in our growth, everyone wins – you, your community and your credit union.


Key features

  • Invest up to $1,000
  • Contribute a lump-sum or make installments of any size you like
  • Accelerate Northern’s growth and impact in our communities

Creating an investment portfolio.

The hardest part for some people is knowing where to start. But have no fear! We’re here to help you build your very own investment portfolio.

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What's your idea of wealth?

Financial planning shouldn’t be cookie-cutter. We help you create a tailored plan that matches your goals.

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Flexible to fit you.

Not sure if you’ll need the funds? We have options that allow you to redeem before your GIC term ends.

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Mapping out your investment mix.

Get some advice from our Northern Financial Survival Guide as he maps out strategies to grow your investments as you grow.

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