Got Feedback? We're Listening.

At Northern Credit Union, we hold ourselves accountable for everything we do. So if you’ve got a suggestion for improving our service, we want to hear about it. If you’ve got a complaint, we want to do everything in our power to make things right. And, of course, if you felt we did something well—we want to hear about that too!

Feedback Checklist

  • To tell us about the exceptional service you received, please be sure to provide the name(s) of the staff involved so we can be certain to give proper recognition. And thank you!
  • To report problems, please gather all the details, including dates, names of the people involved and any related documentation so we have a deep understanding of the issue and can resolve it quickly.

Feedback Form

If you require a response, please fill in your contact details.


What to Expect

We promise to get back to you within two business days and do our best to reach a quick, satisfactory resolution. If further action is required on our part to fully address the matter, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Still not Satisfied?

If you feel we haven’t adequately addressed your issue online, your local Branch Manager would be happy to assist you (Find a Branch). If you wish to escalate your concern further, please bring it to the attention of our Director of Sales:

ATT: Angie Sorrenti, Complaints Officer

Northern Credit Union Corporate Office
280 McNabb Street, PO Box 2200
Sault Ste Marie, ON P6A 5N9

Phone: 705-253-9868    Ext 4709

If Northern Credit Union has not ultimately resolved your issue, you may wish to contact the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.  

Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Licensing and Market Conduct Division
5160 Younge Street, 4th Floor, Box 85
Toronto, ON M2N 6L9

Phone: 1-800-668-0128