Game Play Instructions

How it Works

Navigate the wilds of the North by answering multiple-choice questions on a quest to win a portion of $3,000 in monthly donations for your selected charity. 

Prove you're a True Northerner 

Earn coins by putting your northern knowledge to the test in the following categories:

Time is of the Essence

Act fast!  For each question, you’ll have 15 seconds to choose from 4 possible answers. The faster you choose the correct answer, the more coins you’ll earn.

Decisions. Decisions. 

Eventually, you’ll reach a crossroads, where you can choose the safe path or the dangerous path.  Take the safe path and gain access to hints.  Choose the dangerous path and you won’t get hints, but you will get the chance to win more coins.

Take a Hint 

If you choose the safe path, you can access hints by clicking on the compass icon, which will randomly eliminate 1 – 2 wrong answers.  But beware!  Each time you use a hint, it’ll cost you 25 coins.

Bonus Points? You bet! 

Before each checkpoint, you’ll have a chance at a Bonus Question.  Select the amount of coins you’d like to wager for a chance to double them.

What's the Score? 

Each play through, your score is determined by:

How do I win?

Local charities are the real winners here!  Each month, Northern Credit Union will donate $3,000 and we want you to help us decide where that money goes.

Donation Breakdown

Every time you earn coins, you increase your chosen charity’s chances of getting a larger portion of the $3,000 in monthly donations.  Here’s how it works:

$1,500 will be distributed between the charities chosen by the top ten high scorers each month.*
$1,500 will be distributed between the five charities with the most combined coins each month.*