Game Play Instructions

How it Works

Navigate the financial wilds by answering multiple choice questions to see if you’re ready to take on the real world of finance. Once you’ve completed your journey, find out how you stack up against other fortune hunters! 

Test your Knowledge on Key Financial Topics

Earn points by putting your knowledge of financial topics to the test in the following categories:

Time is of the Essence

For each question, you’ll have 20 seconds to choose from 4 possible answers. The faster you choose the correct answer the more coins you’ll earn. So act fast!

Take a Hint 

You can access hints by clicking on the compass icon that randomly eliminates 1-2 wrong answers. But watch out! Each time you use a hint, it’ll cost you 25 coins.

What's the Score? 

Each game, your score is determined by:

Find out your Financial Ranking

Your financial ranking is based on how many points you score.