tunl.chat Press Release

Good morning, we are pleased to announce that Northern Credit Union will be partnering with FICANEX to offer tunl.chat.  Tunl.chat is an AI equipped conversational chatbot that uses  pre-programmed responses or artificial intelligence to answer member inquiries through our website.  A chatbot is designed to understand and communicate with members to answer their commonly asked questions.  This member experience solution can resolve a significant percentage of member inquiries, allowing staff to focus on high-value member interactions, that need more complex assistance.  

This tools can also be used to capture leads, provide valuable analytics, and most importantly increase member satisfaction and loyalty. tunl.chat is an all in one solution that is easy to bring to life.   Access to extensive data analytics helps identify key opportunities to improve the service experience and increase member satisfaction. In addition, tunl.chat can assist cardholders with everyday banking activities such as balance inquiries and money transfers between accounts, using the existing EXCHANGE Network infrastructure.

We are excited to offer this new service to our members.  Tunl.chat is tentatively scheduled to launch in September.  More details to follow in the near future.

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