Our Kirkland Lake Branch is Moving

Northern is excited to announce that we will be moving to a new location – 145 Government Road West - a short three-minute drive from our current branch.

This relocation will provide you with greater ease and access to better parking, as well as close proximity and alignment to your day-to-day needs, as our new location is a central hub to a variety of commercial establishments.

A temporary space will open at this location effective June 7, 2017 with permanent renovations completed in September.  We are excited about the opportunities that can be made available to our members at this new location.

Northern values your business and change of this nature although exciting can have some disruptions on your day-to-day banking requirements. With your business as our primary focus, we have developed a strong communication plan to bring you along in our journey and keep you informed on all the upcoming business decision.

Please stay tuned, as we will be providing communications through a variety of channels including: website, in branch, over the phone, and through Canada Post. If you have any questions, please contact your local branch representative at (705)-567-3254 and we commit to providing a timely response.