MemberFIRST Savings

When you join the memberFIRSTTM Loyalty Rewards, you’ll be able to take advantage of hundreds of exclusive offers.

Here’s an example of how much a family of four saved* after just their first year of membership:

  1. Mom gets a new iPhone XR.**

    SAVED $150

  2. The Daughter needs a laptop for school, so she picks up a new 13” Macbook Air.**

    SAVED $135

  3. A few weeks later they need to get a baby gift, so Mom picks up a cute little Carter’s/Oshkosh B’Gosh outfit.**

    SAVED $20

  4. A few weeks later, they buy some Sherwin Williams paint to touch up the house.**

    SAVED $15

  5. The holidays arrive, so Mom and Dad snag some gift cards for Xbox, the Gap and Sephora.**

    SAVED $33

  6. The family plans a trip to Toronto and buy an Expedia Travel Card.**

    SAVED $35

  7. While they’re in T.O., Dad and Son decide to catch an NHL game in Toronto, so they get two tickets.

    SAVED $210

See. We told you it adds up. During the course of just one year, our family of four has


which represents a discount of over 10% on all those amazing purchases.

*All calculations provided for estimated savings that a Member may achieve through the use of their memberFirst Loyalty Rewards membership, offered by Northern Credit Union, are presented for illustrative purposes only. These calculations and approximate savings values are not guaranteed in any way or manner whatsoever. Further, these calculations are based on point-in-time comparisons and estimated foreign exchange rates at March 31st, 2019, between savings that could have been achieved by purchasing the relevant item or service through the memberFirst Loyalty Rewards website, with an active membership, as compared to purchasing the item online through a primary / regular retail channel (ex.,, etc.).

**All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders.