Englehart 2016 Day in the Park

On Saturday, July 9, our Englehart branch participated in the 2016 Day in the Park, which is held in Englehart, or as it's better known; "the little town with the big heart". The weather was beautiful and plenty of people came out to enjoy the event, which made for a fantastic day. Also joining to help out was the Kirkland Lake branch staff, who made the short trip to show their support.

Our staff took to the grill and BBQ'd sausages and had various refreshments available for everyone who attended. It was a wonderful success, with our staff selling out of almost 200 sausages by 2pm.

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy great weather and great food, and to the staff who helped make this year another success.

We hope to see you next year in Englehart for the 2017 Day in the Park!