Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors:

Jeannie Kilgour - Chair (2023)
Grant Love - Vice Chair (2021)
Louise Ahrens - (2023)
Peter Beaucage - (2022)
Brian Cairns - (2022)
Kevin Eccles - (2022)
Tim Foster - (2021)
Sue Klatt - (2023)
Max Liedke - (2021)
John Mangone - (2022)
Lori Martin - (2023)
Daniel McCoy - (2021)


Elected for three-year terms by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, Northern Credit Union’s Board of Directors currently consists of twelve (12) members with a wealth of expertise, perspectives and connections to the North.

Setting the Northern Vision, the Board of Directors is a policy-making body to represent the best interests of our Northern members. In this capacity, Directors work as trustees; establishing policy, reporting to members and working with the Executive Team to advance the credit union’s long-term strategies, principles and goals.

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