Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors:

Tim Foster – Chair (2018)
Jeannie Kilgour – Vice Chair (2020)
Louise Ahrens (2020)
LeeAnne Bell (2018)
Brian Cairns (2019)
Folgo Della Vedova (2020)
Kevin Eccles (2019)
John Fogarty (2019)
Keir Kitchen (2019)
Suzanne Klatt (2020)
Grant Love (2021)
John Mangone (2019)
Joellen Sloss (2019)


Elected for three-year terms by the delegate body at the Annual General Meeting, Northern Credit Union’s Board of Directors currently consists of thirteen (13) members with a wealth of expertise, perspectives and connections to the North.

Setting the Northern Vision, the Board of Directors is a policy-making body that is elected by the Delegates to represent the best interests of our Northern members. In this capacity, Directors work as trustees; establishing policy, reporting to members and working with the Executive Team to advance the credit union’s long-term strategies, principles and goals.

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