Online banking with Northern is just a click away. To begin, simply log in by clicking the green “Online Banking” button in the top right corner. Not signed up for online banking yet? Pop by your local branch, and we’ll have you up and running in no time. Online banking is available to all Northern Credit Union members and signing up is free!

Online Banking Services Include:

  • Check your balances
  • View account history
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • Send money by email
  • Open and rename accounts
  • View your e-statements
  • Sign up for ePost™ bill delivery

Available 24/7, it’s the most convenient way to bring Northern Credit Union to you.

Get Stronger PAC Protection!

We are continuing to enhance our online banking security to ensure the highest level of security for our members. In addition to our existing safeguards, including encryption and security questions, we will be introducing an enhanced Personal Access Code (PAC) for our online banking users.

When you set your new PAC, you can now increase the strength of your password to include the following:

  • Maximum of 8 characters, Minimum of 6 characters
  • Minimum of 1 Alpha character (Upper Case)
  • Minimum of 1 Numeric character
  • Minimum of 1 Special characters (see full list below)
  • Spaces are not permitted



Special Character

Exclamation mark   !
At sign   @
Number sign   #
Dollar sign   $
Left parentheses (round bracket)   (
Right parentheses (round bracket)   )
Hyphen   -
Backslash   \
Forward slash   /
Vertical bar (pipe)   |
Question mark   ?
Comma   ,
Period   .
Colon   :
Apostrophe (single quote)   '

Your NEW stronger PAC will impact all devices currently used to access online banking (desktop/laptop computer, mobile platform and Northern Credit Union app).  Your new stronger PAC will not apply on telephone banking, which will retain your existing PIN.

Check out these helpful guides to help with changing your PAC: Online Banking Guide or Mobile App Guide.

As best practice, it is important to not use your last 5 PACs you've used. For general security tips for online banking, please refer to our Internet Security information page.