Terms & Conditions

I, the Applicant, certify the information included in this application is true and accurate and request that Collabria establish a Collabria credit card account in my name. I understand that omission of information requested may be reason for denial.

I understand that I must be a Canadian resident of the age of majority in my province or territory of residence to qualify for this offer and that I am of age to legally contract and that I have read and reviewed all terms, conditions and disclosures provided.

I understand that approval is based upon satisfying Collabria’s credit standards. Collabria maintains the right not to open my account if:

(a) the information provided on or with my application is incomplete, inaccurate or cannot be verified,

(b) I no longer meet Collabria’s standards for creditworthiness; or

(c) my name has been altered.

I understand that the exact amount of my credit line will be determined after review of my application and other information.

By submitting this application, I authorize Collabria to obtain credit information to confirm credit-worthiness in connection with my request for an account. Collabria may obtain a credit report from either a credit reporting agency, credit bureau, financial institution or other reporting entity for the sole purpose of assessing and updating credit-worthiness, authorizing or declining the issuance of a card or subsequent uses of the account, including the addition, removal or modification of certain features of the account, changes to the interest rates applicable to the account, changes to the credit limit, managing credit risk, deterring fraud and maintaining the integrity of the credit reporting system.

I request that a card be issued, renewed or replaced at Collabria’s discretion and that the requested services be made available to holders of the card which may be issued to me and understand that such services may vary or be terminated from time to time.

I agree to be liable for any use of the card(s) and for all amounts, fees and charges to the account. If my card or account is used by an authorized user, I will be liable for all resulting transactions and any interest, fees and losses incurred, even if the other person was a minor or did not comply with any limitations I placed on their use of the card or account.

I understand I may pay the new balance in full or in part at any time. However, I must pay at least the minimum payment by the payment due date as it appears on the front of the statement each month.


Please continue to make your regular payments on transferred accounts until you receive confirmation the transfer has been completed. Minimum transfer amount is $100. If your balance transfer request will exceed your available credit, Collabria will process your transfer for less than the amount requested, in the order requested. By signing the application you authorize Collabria to pay any account listed on the form and add the balance to your new Collabria credit card. Review all terms and conditions for complete details. Please call Cardholder Service at 1.855.341.4643 if you have additional accounts you would like to transfer.


Upon receipt of your application form, Collabria will open a file under the cardholder’s name so that the cardholder may receive financial services as they relate to the various credit and payment services offered by Collabria.

The protection of your Personal information is essential to us. Please refer to the document “Collabria privacy policy summary” to understand how and why we collect, use and share your Personal information. The “Collabria privacy policy summary” also explains how long and where we retain Personal information and the rights you may have in relation to your Personal information. If you have any question or complaint regarding the “Collabria privacy policy summary” or any question regarding our privacy practices and/or yours right regarding your Personal information, please contact: privacy@collabriafinancial.ca

This Privacy Statement is intended to be read in conjunction with Collabria’s Privacy Policy. Please visit collabriafinancial.ca/privacypolicy for a copy of our full Privacy Policy. If you do not have access to the internet, the Collabria Privacy Policy can be obtained through a written request by contacting:
PO Box 82029 RPO Connaught
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0X1